The 10 safest motorcycles of 2021, models and equipment

Buying and enjoying the safest motorcycle on the market is a matter of knowing how to choose according to your needs, budget, and preferences. When the priority is to avoid accidents, choosing a motorcycle involves focusing on the details.

Motorcyclists are much more exposed to suffer the consequences of an accident, and it is that their own bodies are the chassis of the vehicle; that is why most manufacturers have, more and more, the latest technologies to obtain the best benefits, but with security. The RACC, among others, highlights the following elements, fundamental to achieving safety on motorcycles, according to the latest studies carried out: ABS brakes, Combined braking system (CBS), Traction control, Stability control, pressure control in the pneumatic or dynamic lighting systems.

Regardless of the motorcycle we choose, we will always be exposed to the main problems of riding a motorcycle, suffering falls. For this, it is also convenient to take out good motorcycle insurance.

Safety on a motorcycle is a priority and depends on many factors, among which you can control is the vehicle itself, its characteristics, and safety elements. To go to the dealer with all the information you need to choose the safest motorcycle for you, read on.

What use will we make of the motorcycle?

Engine experts remember that the majority use that you are going to give your two wheels largely marks the type of engine you need and also the degree of safety that will be a priority.

  • Urban use: in low-capacity mopeds such as scooters or the like, speed is not usually such a high-risk factor. However, maneuverability and ease of adapting to the traffic of the big city are important aspects for a motorcycle for this use to be safer.
  • Use on the road: if you are looking for a motorcycle to travel and also, you are a friend of power and speed, safety is an element that you should not neglect. In this case, the elements that are part of the mechanics such as the type of brake are essential to improve safety.
  • Recreational or competition use: motorcycles that are sold for sports use, to practice particular disciplines such as trail, are already equipped with the specific security for this use. However, as the most common thing is to buy a multipurpose motorcycle, make sure that the chassis, for example, is made of quality and resistant materials to collaborate with your safety.

What makes a motorcycle safer?

You will find the most complete and detailed information on the safety incorporated in the motorcycle of your dreams directly at the dealership or on the brand’s website where you can –and you must clear up all your doubts-. However, if you do not know very well what criteria make a motorcycle more or less safe, it will be very useful to know the safety criteria in this type of vehicle.

Electronic innovation and technology that have made bikes today have little to do with a decade ago.

To be able to circulate with the safest motorcycle you must concentrate on reducing the risk to the maximum, there are key elements that must be reviewed:

  • Mechanics
  • Design
  • Helmet
  • Equipment
  • Insurance policy

Both mechanical and design can help you and of course, it is important that you do not stop choosing appropriate insurance for your motorcycle and for you to provide you with the assistance and services that will guarantee peace of mind at the controls of your motorcycle.

Safer design

The most important thing when riding on two wheels is to maintain stability, current motorcycles have an advanced chassis configuration, so they are capable of absorbing part of an impact or enjoying the forces in a more efficient way.

In the event that you are going to buy a motorcycle for the road, choose robust and powerful models with a good distribution of weights, so that they help you not to lose stability, even in the most dangerous or unexpected situations, for example, in front of the strong windy or when cornering with a lot of camber.

The safest brake

The best and most reliable braking will be achieved with the ABS system that prevents the wheels from locking and allows you to vary the braking force to avoid dangerous skidding in which you lose control of your vehicle.

Bet on disc brakes with a larger diameter, you will have more stopping power and greater sensitivity, providing you with a quick and effective response when you need them. Another element that also affects braking is the suspensions, let’s see them.

Suspension and traction

Obstacles or uneven surfaces are common both on urban roads and on the road, the suspension of your motorcycle will avoid many scares and will maintain your safety. At higher speeds, damping is key to traveling safely and comfortably on two wheels, the agility of your motorcycle depends on it and you will also appreciate it in the city.

Standard wheels on the safest motorcycles

The drive comes into play in case of rain or tracks slippery for other reasons, worry about choosing a bike not only with good and current suspension systems, traction, and cushioning, make sure mounted tires go safe in these circumstances. As you know, the roads are full of gravel, dirt, oils, slippery surfaces … Keep in mind that the wheels are a very important safety element to improve traction and maintain the perfect grip on the road. Choose models where the wheels are of quality.

Traction control

In the age of electronics, traction control is one of the most important advances that has come to motorcycles. It is an innovation that has come from the MotoGP. The most current models offer adjustable traction so that the pilot can choose the most suitable one. It will avoid scares in moments of sudden braking and you will have more control against possible skidding, reducing the possibility of falls.

Adequate power

Power is not only important to be able to pick up speed, but it also offers you security, always being adequate to the type of motorcycle, type of driving, and circuit to be covered. It is evident that a motorcycle for urban routes does not need great power, however, if you want a motorcycle to cover kilometers on the road, the power must be adequate to be able to circulate safely and at an adequate speed with the rest of the road users.

On the other hand, the mechanics remember that a motorcycle that squeezes the maximum power on the road and always goes to the limit forces the engine and each and every one of the systems that make it up.

It is convenient to have an extra power margin so as not to always carry the motorcycle at its maximum performance. We will also extend the useful life of our motorcycle.


Make sure the motorcycle has good optics.

Remember that lighting systems are often not taken care of as they deserve, nor are they given the importance they have. Safety also depends on lighting, both seeing and being seen is very important.

5 safer motorcycles that stand out for their safety equipment

As a general rule, keep in mind that motorcycle manufacturers work for the safety of their machines, which is why they sell safer vehicles every day. Any motorcycle that you like and is on the market meets the necessary safety standards so you can rest easy.

In the different categories and types of motorcycles, you will find models that stand out for their safety details or for offering a more complete configuration compared to others. In the last to arrive, there are some with high marks in safety. Let’s start with the smaller displacement bikes.

Most powerful and safe 125 scooter – Honda Forza 125

Bikers highlight the stability of this mount when cornering. Within the 125 cc motorcycles, the chassis of this Honda is designed to give the best stability performance in all circumstances, therefore, it is compact and very solid and is among the best in its category. It offers one of the most powerful 125 engines on the market. It is also efficient and low in consumption. The motorization also adapts to the chassis perfectly. The weight is 160 kg. Therefore, it is recommended that, although the ABS is not standard, it requests that it be incorporated, which is highly recommended if you are looking for an extra security percentage.

Safer and more manageable city scooter – Yamaha YS125

Urban, autonomous, and 100% dynamic, the Yamaha YS125 allows you to move around the city in complete safety, the response of its engine is reliable and light, which is necessary to circulate on urban routes. Aesthetics is a plus if you are looking for a motorcycle with personality too. It has a very characteristic chassis and very thin tires, which give it a certain personality. All this allows its pilot to drive it with reliability, practicality, and comfort. In addition, its engine is very efficient and in curves, it is ideal for any type of driver. It retains the rear engine brake (very rare in this type of motorcycle) that combines with the UBS (Unified Braking System). It consists of a simple mechanical system that connects the pedal with the front brake lever by means of a transmission cable, activating the latter slightly when the pedal is pressed, although this does not happen in the opposite direction. The 245mm front disc brake is pretty faithful to the brand’s reliability and does the job.

Peugeot Metropolis RX-R

With a car license, you can drive this three-wheeled motorcycle that is very safe due to the stability it provides to the driver. The weight and firmness are among the most outstanding on the market, offering simple handling and quick response when braking to complete your commitment to safety. Technology at your service?Pressure sensors for tires and mirrors without blind spots to control circulation. Without a doubt, a very sporty version, but at the same time very safe with a short, smoked, and adjustable windshield and a platform for the feet that give it a greater sense of security. Among its equipment stands out the use of the latest technologies at the service of safety such as ABS brakes, anti-skid function, electronic parking brake, or automatic warning, among others.

Harley – Davidson Street 750

Safety is not incompatible with a custom aesthetic motorcycle and Harley-Davidsons offer experience and tradition in this chapter as well. Obviously, its safety elements are designed for the road and the finishes stand out among all those in its category. It has a 750cc Revolution X engine, ABS brakes, and adjustable shock absorbers, as well as a very robust chassis. The seat position in Harley is not just a matter of personality, it also allows you to lower the center of gravity of the vehicle, giving it extra stability.

Suzuki Burgman

Looking for a safe scooter? Be sure to see and test the Suzuki Burgman. Comfort and load capacity is true that it is the first thing that stands out about this motorcycle, but safety is also among its strengths. It offers a wide range of displacements which allows you to choose according to your needs and also according to your budget. It offers a powerful 34 horsepower electronic injection engine. A safe scooter with good value for money. ABS is optional but recommended for this type of vehicle. In addition, it has an efficient driving system and an instrument panel that combines analog and digital.

Quadro 4

It is not a motorcycle, nor a scooter, nor a quad, nor a car … It is without a doubt the model you are looking for if the most important thing for you is safety. Its manufacturer has considered it the first SUV (Safe Utility Vehicle) on the market. It combines the 4 wheels with a hydraulic system that provides unprecedented stability, both in curves and fast turns. The engine is a single-cylinder 350 cc and 20 horsepower, which facilitates speed on incorporations. It has an HTS system with an inclination of up to 46 degrees. It does not have ABS, but it is also not missed and can break without problems on slippery surfaces.

We are, therefore, before the vehicle desired by all those who discard two- and three-wheeled motorcycles and seek an extra boost of security.

KTM 125 Duke

It is one of the most sporty and best equipped 125 Naked models that can be driven with a car license. It has a very powerful engine and great stability in braking resistant to atmospheric elements, and with enormous ergonomics and speed. Provides LED front optics and a TFT screen. It also offers a single-cylinder 4-stroke engine with electronic injection and a 6-speed gearbox. Thanks to this you can combine best-in-class performance with minimal consumption.

Yamaha FJR1300A Motorcycle

It is the one with the most powerful 144hp engine to travel long distances in a short time. It has an aluminum chassis, LED lights and is very practical and intuitive to drive, making it one of the best sellers in its sector. The gears go up and down quite easily and it has electronic suspensions. All these elements make it a very affordable model and suitable for anyone who is looking for a powerful and safe motorcycle in equal measure.

Ducati Multistrada 1260 motorcycle

It is a true ‘multimoto’ since it is capable of adapting to any road, road, or place you want to cross, without taking away a bit of action and emotion. It has a very elegant design and is a very versatile motorcycle. Its Ducati Testastretta DVT 1262 engine is transformed from 100 to 158 hp depending on the terrain or its use through its different driving modes. In addition, its chassis has been renewed, it has a Brembo braking system and traction and wheel control. In addition, it offers LED lights that can be activated automatically when cornering, making it the perfect motorcycle to experience any adventure.

The safety in driving a current motorcycle does not reduce your freedom or enjoyment on two wheels, new technologies and electronic and digital innovation also allow motorcycles to be safer, more comfortable for driving, and with great benefits that allow you to enjoy the best sensations.

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