The 10 largest dumper trucks in the world

They are known as «dumper» or dump trucks, to those types of trucks used mainly in construction and in mining operations to load and unload materials.

The tipping body can discharge either forward or laterally, and there is a wide variety of dumpers on the market depending on their load capacity.

However, there are few that have a dimension and a carrying capacity like these colossi. That is why they are the 10 largest dumper trucks in the world.

1. Belaz 75710

All that defines this dumper are big words. Although we would perfectly believe that it is manufactured in Bilbao, the reality is that the BelAZ 75710 was designed and produced by BelAZ, a company based in Belarus.

The figures quickly remove the hiccups. It has a load capacity of 450 tons. To give you an idea, on one trip I could transport 75 African elephants.

It is 20.6 meters long, about the same as the width of an Olympic-size swimming pool, and 8.17 meters high, more than a giraffe. All this carries a weight of 810 tons, arranged on its eight four-meter high wheels.

Faced with such magnitudes, you don’t have to be an expert in the field of dumpers to assume that their consumption will also be superlative. It consumes no less than 198 grams of diesel per kWh, about 425 liters per hour of operation.

2. Caterpillar 797F

In the same way that they sell you some boots, a helmet, or a mobile phone, Caterpillar also has at your disposal a dumper with 400 tons of load capacity.

Oriented to its use in mining operations for the transport of materials such as copper, coal, or gold. It is today the market-leading dumper in its segment. In addition to its safety and easy maintenance, it stands out for its relatively easy handling and comfort.

Not bad considering that its driver faces a dumper that measures 14.8 m long, 6.52 m high, and 9.75 m wide.

As for its more technical features, it has a gross power of 2,983 kW and can reach a maximum speed of 67.6 km / h in seventh gear. We are sure that with a 3,785-liter tank, refueling has to be a long and very expensive process.

3. Terex MT 6300AC

Make no mistake, being the third on this list does not detract from this giant of 14.63 meters in length. With a 400 ton payload powered by a front rear-wheel drive engine, it is one of the biggest competitors to the Caterpillar 797F.

Developed by Terex, one of the largest global manufacturers of lifting and material handling products, it stands out for having a highly distributed weight distribution, which makes it optimal for moving through particularly complex terrain and with high terrain elevation.

4. Liebherr T 282C

The design of the Liebherr T 282C served to create the Westech-Liebherr T282C which for a period of time held the distinction of the world’s largest dumper. Until the Belaz 75710 appeared, of course.

Developed by Liebherr engineers, the T 282C has an overall length of 15.69 m. How many horses does it take to move a 661-ton vehicle? Although it seems like the beginning of the joke, the answer is 3,750 hp. Which is no joke.

5. Belaz 75601

Belarusians from Belaz slip back into this particular ranking. And it is that although we were going to define it as a more “modest” dumper than the 75710, the truth is that modest machines are not in their projects.

What stands out about this model is its great resistance to especially difficult environments from the climatic point of view. But if you are looking for a dumper with a high load capacity, it will not disappoint you either. It can store up to 396 tons. With the same power as the Liebherr T 282C, it reaches a top speed of 64 km / h.

6. Komatsu 960E-1

After Caterpillar, the Japanese Komatsu is the largest company dedicated to the manufacture of equipment for construction and mining in the world. The 960E-1 went on the market in 2008 with a power of 3,500 hp and with a tilting box that allows a load of up to 360 tons.

At 15.6 meters overall length, and ECPC automatic transmission, and a combined total raise and lower time of less than a minute, they boosted the dump truck’s sales thanks to its functionality.

7. Terex MT 5500AC

Indicated especially for use in mining surfaces of relief and complex conditions, it has a storage capacity of 360 tons. While it was overshadowed by the launch of the MT 6300AC, its specs are spectacular enough to sneak into this top 10.

14.87 meters in total length, 3,000 hp of power, and a total weight of 598 tons. All a bestiality.

8. Belaz 75600

The manufacturers of the largest dumper in the world incorporate another of their dump trucks in this final phase of the ranking. With a load capacity of 352 tons and a length of 14.9 meters, it is equipped with a diesel engine capable of supplying 3,500 HP of power, thus reaching up to 64 km / h.

Comparatively, the figures are far from those presented by the Belaz75710, its main attraction being its ability to adapt to tactical terrain. That explains the fact that the traction motors are the result of a joint effort between Belaz and Siemens.

9. Caterpillar 795F AC

Like Belaz and Terex, Caterpillar manages to position another of its dumpers among the largest in the world. Caterpillar sold its launch as the dumper with the best braking and control in the industry. The only thing we can say for sure is that it is the first electrically operated dumper.

Sales, for their part, were quite beneficial thanks to its good market penetration, being more accessible than its previously mentioned rivals. With a 16-cylinder C175-16 engine, the Caterpillar 795F AC reaches a maximum speed of 64 km / h capable of carrying a maximum load of 345 tons thanks to a power of 3,400 hp.

10. Hitachi EH5000AC-3

Closing the list appears Hitachi and its EH5000AC-3. Equipped with a high-tech system capable of optimizing fuel consumption and lowering maintenance costs, it is, in the words of the brand, a mining truck for those seeking to “work more and better. ”

With a power of 2125kW and a payload of 326 tonnes, a dumper with “only” 500 tonnes of net weight appears in the last position.

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