Powerful, elegant, urban, all-terrain, for experts or for beginners. We tell you which are the most prestigious motorcycle brands on the market. Affordable models and high-end options.
If you are thinking of renewing your motorcycle or starting to explore that universe, it is important to know which are the best motorcycle brands on the market in 2021 and which ones you can get in Argentina. We present models and options to choose your next travel companion or find a good ally in times when the pandemic restricted the use of public transport.
Powerful, elegant, urban, off-road, for experts or for beginners. We put together a list of the best motorcycle brands so that you can join without fear the adventure of traveling through towns and cities on two wheels with comfort and safety.

Best motorcycle brands 2021

Although each motorcyclist has its preferences when it comes to brands, there are many variables to take into account. Design, performance, security, and other attributes that are good to attend to when making an investment.
There are brands and models that stand out for their trajectory and their performance over time. Join us to find out which are the most outstanding motorcycles in each range.

High-end motorcycle brands

A motorcycle ride can turn epic, turning a routine commute or road trip into a scene worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster. Especially if you do it on some of the best motorcycles proposed by an increasingly demanding market, in which technology takes center stage and optimizes all kinds of benefits.
Harley Davidson
Founded in 1903, this brand represents the iconic image of what a motorcyclist is. Harley Davidson has been characterized by building motorcycles for every taste and for every need: from the agile and elegant of the Street line, “built to destroy urban streets”, to the Touring, prepared to travel great distances “and discover the world”.
Harley Davidson, the pride of America, makes what we all know as one of the symbols that represent that country: the 1915 11F.


Kawasaki is a Japanese brand that has set trends in motorcycles since the 60s. Its most popular models are the Ninja and the KLR and they are the most chosen by beginner riders. It focuses mainly on sports motorcycles, for which it proposes an elegant design, designed for high speeds.


Honda is one of the most famous brands in the world and the best-selling one in some countries like Japan. They are usually expensive motorcycles and try to combine elegance with sporting power. The Honda that is gaining more and more followers is the CBR600 that is gaining popularity with MotoGP competitions at the hands of multi-champion Marc Márquez.


BMW is a German brand that offers a motorcycle for every need. Its range of options ranges from classic products to the most innovative and stands out for the high quality of its vehicles throughout its range. Unmissable for fans looking for elegance, safety, and quality in all its components.


The motorcycles of this prestigious brand are one of the most popular options among cafe-racer drivers, a style popularized in the United Kingdom in the 50s by the Rockers. But interestingly, the most popular Triumph motorcycle is the Tiger 800 XC, an enduro type vehicle.


Founded in 1955, Yamaha is one of the world’s leading and most recognized motorcycle brands. It is a fundamental part of the prestigious Moto GP circuit and has the famous Valentino Rossi competing for it.
It is known for specializing in designing off-road motorcycles, in addition to models built for racing. The most popular from Yamaha is the YZF-R6.


This Japanese brand is one of the leaders in sports competitions and one of the leaders in MotoGP. In the 1970s, it stood out as a pioneer in the creation of motorcycles based on liquid cooling. Today it stands out for its designs that combine power and a style of challenging airs. Its most popular model is the GSX-R750.


Created by Antonio Cavalieri Ducati in 1929, it is one of the most recognized in Italy and throughout the world. It is currently owned by Audi and is consolidated as one of the first in the commercial and sports sector, especially for its models in competitions such as MotoGP.
Its V-twin engines are characteristic. In fact, the two-cylinder engines complement its distinctive Italian design. Ducati produced its first motorcycle in 1950. The Scrambler Icon is the most popular model of this brand.


With a modest origin within a car repair and parts workshop in Austria, this brand originally dedicated to metallurgy was founded by Hans Trunkenpolz in 1934 but launched its first motorcycle in 1954.
KTM today still stands out for the manufacture of racing motorcycles, especially for Motocross.

Moto Guzzi

This brand was founded in Italy in 1921 and was for years the leading company in motorcycle development and innovation. Even today they remain one of the most recognized boutique manufacturers among drivers.
Elegant styling, state-of-the-art technology, and extraordinary dynamics characterize Moto Guzzi’s most popular motorcycles: the Breva and California.

Mid-range and budget bikes

There are other brands that we should not exclude, which focus on manufacturing mid-range motorcycles or even quality economic motorcycles, extremely useful for specific functions. Let’s go over some options:


This brand, in addition to producing high-end motorcycles, also has a good number of more accessible vehicles:

  • Honda Wave 110: it is thought and designed so that all adult members of the family can handle it with absolute comfort because it is a practical model and adaptable to various situations. It has excellent maneuverability thanks to its lightweight body which, added to its double seat, makes it the ideal option for moving around the city every day. Its air-cooled 110cc engine provides greater travel efficiency, as well as greater durability and strength.
  • Honda Titan 150 – The CG 150 Titan features a 100% digital dash for optimal visibility, alloy wheels, and tubeless tires that prevent them from rapidly deflating in the event of a possible puncture. Its powerful 150 cm3 air-cooled engine, with roller rocker system, 5-speed transmission, and simple mechanics, allow it to remain the perfect choice to navigate the streets in a comfortable and safe way.
  • Honda XR 150 – Combining style and efficiency, the new Honda XR150 is made to be used for any occasion. It allows the most diverse routes to be carried out and comes with a new graphic design, in line with its older sister, the XR190L. Power of 12.1HP at 7750RPM and a torque of 12.93Nm at 5000RPM. It consumes less and helps you move faster than other more basic models.

Motomel Blitz 110

The new Blitz 110 V8 presents a totally renewed design, with a young and urban style, with fun and varied graphics for men and women. Equipped with a new beacon system, double-stitched two-seater seat, and non-slip material, they have a spacious helmet-holder box, full dashboard, and a wide range of combined colors.
It is available in a variety of colors, with pearl finish paints: Ocean Blue, Rock Gray, Sky Blue, Black, White, and Red.

Keller 110

Ideal for everyday use, the Crono Classic Eco 110 stands out for its excellent maneuverability, which guarantees a faster and more pleasant response. Among its outstanding features, we can mention that it has a fuel gauge on the dashboard that makes it easy to monitor the motorcycle. It also has a USB charger for mobile phones and a kick starter.

Gilera Smash 110

With its single-cylinder 4-stroke engine, its 2 valves, and air cooling, this motorcycle is one of the most efficient when it comes to making daily movements around the city.
It has a CDI ignition (Capacitive Discharge Ignition), an electric and pedal starter, and has a 4-speed transmission with an automatic clutch.

Zanella ZB 110

With its more aggressive lines and daring colors, the historic Zanella 110 is renewed and is ready for those looking for a motorcycle that allows them to move agilely around the city.
Developed for those looking for an inexpensive, simple, and independent means of transport, which is modern and aesthetically attractive at the same time. The innovation, technology, and design applied in this range allow access to different means of entertainment.

Corven Energy 110

With a cutting-edge design, the Energy 110 is another excellent option when choosing a motorcycle that combines quality, agility, and economy in everyday use. It has a front disc brake, rear drum brake, alloy wheels, and 4-gear box.

Warrior 110

The Guerrero 110 has 4 versions: the Econo, the Trip Full, the Automatic, and the Trip Tunning. They stand out for being motorcycles of simple driving and high performance. They have a 108 cc displacement, 4-stroke single-cylinder engine, spoke wheels, and air cooling.

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