The American entryway Autoblog distributed an arrangement of what for its editors have been the best trucks model 2021 and 2022, with every one of their advantages and ‘buts’ and from this choice, we separated some that are sold in the public market with attributes like those that they have in the United States.

Autoblog’s determination assembled 20 trucks from the six portions, by size, sold in that market. In like manner, we present them beneath with the comment that like any choice, this one missed the mark in light of the fact that numerous great SUVs were forgotten about, however it additionally gives a valid statement of view on some of them.


Among the best subcompact SUV, there was no vehicle sold today in Colombia in light of the fact that Autoblog featured the Hyundai Kia Soul and Kona. The equivalent was valid for the section of the best three-line medium-size SUVs, which were the Hyundai Palisade, Kia Telluride, and Toyota Highlander half breed.

In this survey, the extravagance section was missing, among which are a few models of Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, and Porsche. There are 10 that are likewise sold in Colombia and that we will introduce tomorrow.


Best Compact SUV

Honda CR-V

best: the best space for both freight and traveler in-class essential motor yet proficient crossover choice accessible, great security framework.

To improve Outdated and buggy tech interface, somewhat exhausting.

“The Honda CR-V has even driving elements, cutthroat evaluating and highlights, solid security appraisals, and great dependability. It’s not difficult to see the reason why it keeps on being a blockbuster for by far most of the minimal SUV purchasers, and particularly families. ”

In Colombia, these trucks are sold in three variations from 127.5 to 165.5 million pesos.

Mazda CX-5

The best: fun driving experience; extravagance lodge; incredible super motor update.

To improve space for freight, travelers, and capacity and infotainment framework.

Nonetheless, it can likewise be viewed as an option in contrast to extravagance-reduced SUVs. It is smooth and energetic and has a lodge with an appealing plan and rich materials. Also, its accessible turbocharged motor even has so a lot or more power as a few comparable size extravagance models. ”

This truck is sold in Colombia from 110 million and goes up to 154.6 million pesos, coordinated in 6 variations. Just the first has a 2.0 motor, the others the 2.5 super motor that the Autoblog distribution acclaims for its reaction.

Toyota RAV4

best: the different decisions of powertrains, including half and half, great space in large back seat and freight region and mechanical dependability.

To improve: raw base motor and obsolete tech interface.

“The RAV4 has more space for travelers and freight than most. It is agreeable and shockingly receptive to drive. Its inside is very much worked with quality materials and offers simple to-utilize controls and plentiful extra room. It’s resale worth and dependability ought to be better compared to nearly anybody. ”

The Toyota RAV4 is sold in Colombia likewise in the mixture and ordinary variations and is coordinated in five forms from 120 million to 162.5 million pesos.

Passage Bronco Sport

best: extraordinary rough terrain ability, freight space, brilliant capacity, and stacking capacities; a particular and exceptional style.

To improve: Fuel economy and some inside materials

“In spite of the fact that its outside aspects and back seat space fall between the minimized and subcompact sections, probably the best thing about the new Bronco Sport is that it really has so a lot or more freight space than models that are significantly bigger. various savvy includes all through, for example, zippered map pockets and back entryway setting up camp lighting, in addition to a wide scope of extras. Features its standard all-wheel-drive, wide ground leeway, and ‘GOAT drive modes’ that arrange the vehicle for an assortment of territory conditions. It’s likewise difficult to disregard the Bronco Sport’s unmistakable styling all around. The best part is that it’s SUV-style dealing with in spite of its stepping stool style undercarriage. ”

Kia Seltos

best: Space astounding, exceptional speed increase of the Turbo models, client-amicable innovation, and specific plan subtleties.

To improve: some modest inside parts

“Its cost and outside aspects are in the middle of the conservative and subcompact SUV portions, in any case, it has more inside volume than anticipated and a ton of extraordinary plan subtleties. It additionally has a ton of style and the accessible turbocharged motor produces a great speed increase for this portion. ”

In Colombia, the Kia Seltos are sold in two forms at 87 and 93 million pesos, however both with the 1.6-liter motor without super with 120HP. The American distribution alludes to the 1.6 super 175HP.

Mazda CX-30

best: best driving elements in its group and a rich inside.

To improve: inside space and dark plastic wheel curves

“The Mazda CX-30 offers fun and extravagance to drive. Indeed, we think of it as a more astute purchase than extravagance subcompacts and not just due to its lower cost. The inside truly is sumptuous and can be more appealing to drive, particularly with the new super motor. An extraordinary bundle at an excellent cost. ”

In Colombia, the Mazda CX-30 is the top-rated truck in the nation and is coordinated in 8 forms that begin from 84 million and go up to 117 million.

Volkswagen Taos

best: Backspace leader in the segment, huge cargo area, high power, and fuel economy.

To improve: Quite smooth to ride and seems tougher than it can be.

“The Volkswagen Taos is the most familiar of the midsize compact SUVs and has more space inside than many compact SUVs that are larger on the outside. It also has some benefits of a smaller vehicle such as better handling and fuel economy. It’s styling it’s not as conservative as some of the brand’s vehicles, and it has easy-to-use interior controls. ”

The Volkswagen Taos is sold in Colombian two versions in 105 million and 119 million pesos. This vehicle also has inventory problems due to a global shortage of chips.


Jeep Grand Cherokee Midsize SUVs

The best: off-road capability, towing capacity, user-friendly technology, variety of options.

To improve poor V6 performance, interior space, old platform.

“The Grand Cherokee has true towing and off-road capability, plus numerous engine upgrades, including the impressive 707-horsepower Trackhawk, and styling that is one of the most adventurous and refined in the SUV business.”

In Colombia, two variants are sold, with the 3.6-liter engine and which are priced at 180 and 200 million pesos.

Jeep Wrangler

best: Legend of the SUV; great variety of models and options.

To improve Highway handling, driving comfort, interior noise, fuel economy, cargo space, and cabin safety.

“The Jeep Wrangler is a masterful off-roader, but it is difficult to consider it as a family car. It has practical drawbacks such as harsh handling, driving comfort, interior noise, safety ratings, fuel economy, cargo space, windows that open with a zipper. Ultimately, we recommend the Wrangler because, despite those many drawbacks, this latest generation is actually much more refined and livable than past generations. ”

In Colombia, the Jeep Wrangler is sold in four versions from 200 to 300 million pesos.

Subaru Outback

best: More space and distance to the ground than other midsize SUVs; fuel economy; easy-to-load roof racks Upgrading

Buzzing CVT; bored of driving; very intrusive driver assistance technology

It has an abundance of safety and infotainment technology, although it is quite intrusive at times”.

The Subaru Outback is sold in Colombia in a version priced at 170 million pesos.

The best full-size SUV

Chevrolet Tahoe

best: low-power engine size, more space in the third row, and most luxurious interiors.

For improvement: Many driver assistance features are not available on lower models

The Chevrolet Tahoe received a rear suspension change that radically transformed it. The third row of the Tahoe is one of the largest along with the cargo space. The ride and handling have also been drastically improved.

In Colombia, the Chevrolet Tahoe is sold in a single version with a 5.3-liter engine and for 290 million pesos.

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